On the evening of the association’s foundation in 1901, the ten founding members decided to get together every month in the winter for dinner with the members and their guests. From their time in East Asia, they had become accustomed to a companionable club life and wanted to continue this tradition in Bremen. Right from the start, the meal consisted of a curry and rice dish containing exotic ingredients. This monthly ritual is now a thing of the past, primarily because the membership structure has changed in the more than 120 years of the association’s history. Only a few of the current members have spent years living in East Asia. Fast flight connections and modern means of communication have made repeated, short stays the norm.

Instead, we now organise regular presentation events and discuss economic, social and cultural topics from Asia with journalists, travel writers, historians and ethnologists. The traditional curry night takes place twice a year in the winter months and is also open to invited non-members.