Data protection information of the
Ostasiatischer Verein Bremen e.V.

The East Asian Association Bremen sends you circulars and invitations to events. It also compiles the membership directory every two years and draws up the attendance list for the foundation celebration. All the data that is processed and used by the East Asian Association Bremen is subject to the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). It is permissible to use the data when this is allowed by the BDSG or another legal regulation.

Examples of data collection, processing and use

The East Asian Association Bremen collects and stores the data that is necessary for membership of the association. This is initially personal information (name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number and/or comparable data). In the context of the foundation celebration, this data also relates to the publication of your profession with reference to the company name, and the date on which you joined the association is published in the membership directory.

We collect and use your personal data for purposes in accordance with the statutes of the association (member support and membership management, invitations to presentations and member meetings, circulars, appeals for donations, organisation of events, membership directory).
Furthermore, photos are used in the context of reports about the events in the newspaper and on the association’s website.

The data will exclusively be used to provide you with optimal and comprehensive information, advice and support in all matters that serve the association

We collect the following data from you:

Title, first name and surname
Date of birth
Date of joining the association
Bank details (optional)
Telephone number (optional)
Fax number (optional)
Email address (optional)
Job title (optional)
Photos/film recordings

Transmission of personal data to third parties

Within the framework of our obligations under tax law, we make use of the services of a tax adviser. The tax adviser can only view personal data to the extent that this is necessary for tax reasons. As a consequence of their obligation to maintain professional secrecy, the tax adviser is obliged to protect your personal data.

Notwithstanding the above, we use data processors who are not third parties in accordance with Art. 4 (10) GDPR, are subject to secrecy and only process your data according to our instructions to support, store and host our IT systems and applications.

Storage period for the personal data

We store your data for as long as this is necessary for the fulfilment of our contractual or statutory obligations. In the event that your membership of the association ends, the storage period is generally 2 years after you leave the association. We are subject to storage obligations under commercial and tax law and must store certain data for up to ten years. We also store certain data for the duration of the statutory limitation period to preserve evidence. The standard limitation period in accordance with Section 195 German Civil Code (BDG) is three years.

The East Asian Association publishes photos of the foundation celebration online on our website or in the press.

The East Asian Association Bremen is responsible for processing your data in accordance with data protection law.
You are aware that, in spite of all the measures to provide data protection, the data published online and in the press can also be retrieved in states that do not have data protection regulations comparable with those in the Federal Republic of Germany. Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that this data will remain confidential, that the content thereof will continue to be correct and that the data cannot be changed.

Right of access
In accordance with the BDSG, you have a right to access information about your data that is stored by the East Asian Association.

Validity of the data privacy statement

Your consent is valid beyond the termination of your membership in the Ostasiatischer Verein Bremen e.V., but ends after the expiry of the statutory retention periods or through your revocation, which is possible at any time.

If you do not agree with the handling of your data as described, please send us your objections by post or e-mail to

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