The Association

The East Asian Association came into being in 1901. Its original goal was to create a meeting place for merchants and captains who had lived and worked in Asia for an extended period for professional reasons. Back in their home city of Bremen, the returnees felt the need to remember their time in the Far East, to meet like-minded people and to compare notes with them.

Since that time, we see ourselves as a meeting place for people who are standing up for the development, preservation and improvement of cultural and economic relations between Asia and Bremen. Our current 500 members are brought together not only by their love of the Asian continent, but also by the shared goal of doing good, informing and educating, and maintaining and strengthening existing and future ties with people in the fields of business, politics and culture.

To this end, we organise a range of events and activities, some of which can be traced back to the founding fathers. The traditional foundation festival, the curry nights, regular presentations, discussion forums and much more are still very relevant and important to our association to this day.

Tolerance, intercultural understanding, a peaceful coexistence and knowledge of the immense economic significance of the Asia-Pacific region: our vision is more relevant than ever in view of the ever-expanding relations with Asia.


Our unsalaried Executive Board members are constantly working to adapt the East Asian Association to the changing world. We address new topics without losing sight of our traditions.

Thomas Kriwat


Dirk Sänger

Deputy Chairman

Hans-Christian Specht

Deputy Chairman

Ernst Hermann Behrens


Jörn-Michael Gauss


Prof. Dr. Tim Goydke


Bernd Hansing


Tom Kreyenhop


Henry Lamotte


Johann G. Smidt



Our office team is there for you between 9:30 and 12:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Silke Bullenkamp

Karen Sänger

Petra Speer